Sunday, June 22, 2008

The McDonalds Man Has a Story Too, Ya Know

Daniel had a meeting after church and another one at 1:00 so between meetings we ran to McDonalds to get some food. Now, typically we wouldn't have subjected ourselves to McDonalds but if you would have seen that wait to get to the other side of town you would have hung a left into that parking lot too! Anyway... I ran inside to get some to go food while the family stayed inside the van.

I walk up to the McDonalds man, his name was Ryan. I say "Hello, I would like...." he takes my order and then my money. I say to him... "so are you having a good day today?" Ryan looks at me real weird, scopes out my finger for a wedding band (which I did have on) and replies, "yea, I'm having a pretty good day" (read wow I cannot believe someone actually cares) Then I proceeded to tell him if I worked there all of the beeping would drive me insane! and he said "yea, it does."

I then walked away to fill our drinks, then came back to wait for our food. Ryan wasn't busy; which was weird because that place was like a circus! So I asked him, "how many people have asked you how your day was going today?" he stopped and thought... "3" he replied... "and that includes you." Then he gave me a little smile. And I said "Well, I am really sorry about that..." I continued "well, I hope more people take time to ask you and I hope you have a wonderful day! " he said "thanks" (the kind of thanks that sounds confident) Then I got my food and started to leave and he said, "hey, see ya later."

I thought that was real sad. Especially since I am almost positive at least 85% of the people he had served that day had been people on their way to or from the church...

We really need to care about people more often.

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