Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Restful Day

This only makes our case against too many toys better:

Daddy found a beetle outside before he left for church and brought it inside for the kids :o)

Thanks Dad!

Today was a nice day of rest in the Gibson home. Daniel and I started off the day at 6:00am by hitting the snooze until 6:17am then we were up and taking showers. Ok, he slept a little more and I showered :o) That's my man for ya! He's pooped.

So, out of the shower for me and out of the bed for him. He got into the shower and I finished getting ready. Then our cute little Judah Bear woke up; I went and got him out of bed then he and Daniel hung out while I headed to the kitchen to start breakfast.

The girls were still asleep so I just served Daniel and Judah pancakes, fresh strawberries, and OJ, they got to have a man breakfast :o) Then the girls started to wake up and come to the kitchen, dragon breath and all, ha! So pancakes all around, OJ and strawberries. Judah ate THREE pancakes!! That is more than what I ate! He and dad finished breakfast first so dad took Judah to get him ready for church, then he had to go so the kids and I cleaned up.

On Daniel's way out he found our little morning toy (see video above) the kids got a kick out of that! Then they were off to do their morning checklist and I started some brownies in the oven for Sunday school It was 7:40.

8:36 Kids ready, mom ready, things packed, brownies ready, time to go!

Daniel had a meeting after church and another at 1:00 so between the meetings we ran out for some lunch. Afterwards, we came home, Judah napped, the girls worked on their picture albums, Daniel and I talked... I love our talks.

After Judah woke up we all ran into town for a few groceries; then came home, played a little bit more, ate dinner and headed to the church to drop Daniel off for his 6:00 shift at the fireworks stand. The kids and I came home and played outside. They all helped clean out the pool and then helped get it all dirty again :-) The weather was amazing! I just love watching my little ones run around growing up together, I am blessed.

And of course... I have pictures for you :-)

Alli (7) being chased by Jordan (4) (yes, that is typically the way it goes :-)

Jordan nailing Alli with the water.

This is Jordan asking me a secret "Do you want me to get her" she asked.
Compliments to Alli for this picture.

Yes, a random picture of me reading a book, again compliments to alli :o) I hope the shirt doesn't offend anyone but I figured the few lady friends/family who read this wouldn't be too offended by my tank top. I am typically a modest dresser outside of my privacy fence. :o)

I wonder if you need a few more of these :0) to know that I'm a happy person! It was a nice day.

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  1. What a GREAT SITE--Keep up the GOOD WORK KATI I'm so PROUD of YOU!!!! Love Dad


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