Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dear Alli, Jordan, Judah, and Emmyn, Day 1...

Well, our first night at home without you sure was different! After I dropped you off, Momma went home and cleaned our crazy house so we won’t have to do anything on the day we return! Daddy came home from work around 6:30. After Daddy came home, we went out and swam in the pool! Well, daddy vacuumed it out and I floated around in a floatie. =) Guess what, when we finished it was 8:45 and we had not even had dinner! So we got some meat from the fridge and daddy grilled. Momma got to just sit outside with Daddy, drinking tea talking while he grilled. We didn’t eat dinner until 9:30! Is that crazy or what?!

You will never guess what we did next! We watched a movie! Daddy didn’t even fall asleep! (I think he was secretly super excited!) We were like crazy kids! We still needed to pack but we decided to watch a movie first! After the movie was over, we thought we’d better pack for our big trip. But guess WHAT? There I was, sitting at the computer checking on some storms in the area and I heard Daddy scream. Then, I turned to see him jumping into the air! THERE WAS A HUGE Tarantula in the house! Patches was playing with it! Daddy was a little scared… actually, I think he was a lot scared. You tell me…

Like I said before, mommy was checking the computer for storms in our town. There was huge thunder, lots of strong wind, and heavy rain. We were worried about the garden and fruit trees, but it’s all OK; even the pool is OK! Praise the Lord! Alli, be glad you weren't here... you would have been up all night. ; ) 

The next morning, we woke up to sunshine! After we finished some things around the house, Papa came to pick us up and take us to the Airport.  BUT, before we could go to the Airport, we had to stop and drop off our little Jada at the vets office. Daddy thinks they'll take real good care of her. I almost cried taking her in there. I think I'm in love with that little sweetie =) I'm sure she'll be alright. We will all go pick her up together next Wednesday. 

So, after we dropped off Little Ms. Jada it was off to the AIRPORT! Here is a picture Mr. Dan took of Daddy and I arriving.

Papa and Mr. Dan didn’t stay at the airport, they just dropped us off. Daddy and I went to the check in counter and told them we were here for our flight. The next place we went was security. They make you take off your shoes, your belt, your jewlery, and empty all of your pockets. Then you stand in an xray tube with your hands up and they scan your whole body to make sure you don’t have any bad wepons on your body. It sure is a lot of work, but they are trying hard to keep everyone safe while they are up in the air.

After they do the security check, you are free to do whatever you’d like to do before your plane arrives. Daddy and I walked around a little bit, shared a sub sandwich, and read the newspaper. Then they called our flight number to come board the plane.

Guess what! We had a whale plane! “Shamu the Whale” It’s is their biggest plane, it was fully booked. Not one more seat was available. We didn’t get to sit by a window so we couldn’t see much of the outside. We sat next to a man named Mr. Chenning. He was flying home to California. He had just visited Tulsa to attend his grandfathers funeral =(

Well, I must say, he was probably the most interesting man on the whole plane. He worked for the circus in Asia, Europe, and all over the world! He plays the Piano, Bass, Chello, Trombone, and various other instruments. He writes the music for the circus! Now, here is another interesting fact… while Mr. Chenning is traveling with his circus, they only take boats and bicycles! Big bikes that are two bikes tall. He said he would send us pictures! I hope he does, wouldn’t that be so fun?!

Mr. Chenning was really a lot of fun. Daddy and he was able to talk about Jesus too, that was great! I should have taken a picture of us, silly mommy.

After this flight we were in Denver, Colorado but still needed to get to Durango. So, we had one more flight to go! The Denver airport is SO HUGE! I would like to visit there even when I’m not flying. Listen to this, when we arrived at Denver airport we were in building C, the very last building. We needed to get to building A. So, guess what we had to do? TAKE AN UNDERGROUND TRAIN TO BUILDING A! We felt like we lived in New York City! It was so neat. Daddy took a video of it, we’ll look at it when we get home, it’s so neat! 

The next flight we were on was a little plane, really little. I liked it a lot better. The first airplane was scary going up because it was so big. I felt like I was in a rocket. I almost threw up and even thought I was going to cry. I squeezed Daddy really tight, he was laughing at me, that silly Daddy. On this plane, we got to walk outside to load it. Oh, and guess what?! Adrian and baby Eric from Nebraska were on the same flight! They were headed to Durango the same day we were. We didn’t get to sit by each other but it sure was fun seeing each other before and after the flight. 

This plane ride was so beautiful, we were flying over the mountains. We would be on top of the clouds and then all of a sudden the clouds would break and you could see the mountains. It was breathtaking. God is such a beautiful designer, his creation is so full of different beautiful shapes and colors. 

When the Captain was landing the plane, it was a little scarry. It shook a whole bunch and even popped me out of my seat once. I kept my head down and held daddy again. He said, “It’s just a few bumps in the road” That helped me, I just imagined I was driving on a highway and there were lots of bumps. Before I knew it we had landed!

When we arrived at the airport guess who was there, Uncle Dick and Aunt Vickie! They were there to pick up Adrian and Baby Eric. We followed them to their cabin, where we would stay for one night. After dropping off our stuff, we headed out to Clayton and Petra’s farm in the mountains for dinner. We didn’t get any pictures but we will. They asked about you guys and said they can’t wait to see you this Thanksmas! =)

Today, we are headed over to Clayton’s to watch him adjust some horses on his Ranch. Then we are going to breakfast. Daddy and I are going to be sure we get some great pictures for you ; ) AND maybe a little treat, if you’re good. (he, he)

We love you all so much and can’t wait to hear about your AWESOME time with your friends. Help Mrs. Jenny, be good and share. Don’t forget, Mrs. Judi’s birthday is coming up, you’ll be there… make her something special. Don't forget, you're on vacation too!

We love you,

Momma and Daddy =)

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