Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dear Alli, Jordan, Judah, and Emmyn, Day 2...

Hey Guys! 

I bet you're snoozin' sweetly on your pillows by now, it's 12:10 where you are. It's 11:10 where we are. Today was a full day. 

Remember I told you we were going to visit Clayton and see him adjust some horses? Well, that was so special! Daddy and I just couldn't beleive the horses were so good while he adjusted them. These horses were special, they run long distance races, 100 miles! So, they have to be in good shape. Here is a short video of Clayton taking care of one.

Look at cute Baby Eric. He watched too!
After adjusting the horses, we went for breakfast. Petra and Uncle Dick met Daddy, Aunt Vickie, Adrian, Baby Eric and I at a very neat little restaurant. It was a Costa Rica Restaurant... recognize that sign? YES! It says Pura Vida, "Pure Life" Remember? Daddy learned that in Costa Rica.

After breakfast, you'll never guess what we did next! Daddy and I HIKED UP A MOUNTAIN! Yup! The others had things to do back in town so Daddy and I went up the road from the restaurant to hike.  We never made it to the tip top but we were very high. It was so beautiful.

It was so very beautiful, we just couldn't beleive it. We were so high up! You could hear the river raging below us during the whole hike. 

After hiking, we were a little hungry so we stopped for a little snack on our way back to town. Look at that crazy snack!

Those big brown things are banana's fried in coconut oil

I don't know which is more funny, momma's face or her crazy hair!

We kept the tradition! Daddy brought change for all of our little treats, just like we did in San Antonio! 

After our snack, we headed back into town to get cleaned up and take a rest. After a shower and a little nap, we headed out to dinner with the people who had arrived today.

Tonight we are not staying in the cabin with Uncle Dick and Aunt Vickie, we're staying in a Hostel. A Hostel is a large place where several people can stay. Since so many people stay, it keeps the cost down per person. There will be 26 people in this house, I think is the number. We are all sleeping in bunk beds! Daddy is on the bottom and I am on the top. How fun, huh!?

here is the house

the kitchen

a living room where anyone can gather
Tomorrow we are going rafting on the river, can you beleive that?! Daddy is a little scared and I'm a lot scared! The water is SUPER cold. I know you kiddos wouldn't be afraid, you're not afraid of anything!

Well it sure is late and I'm getting a little sleepy. I hope you're having fun and being good to others.

Love you so much,

Momma and Daddy

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