Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dear Alli, Jordan, Judah, and Emmyn, Day 3...

Good morning my little ones!

I am so sorry it has been a while since I wrote, our days have been so full and sometimes I feel a little rude for sneaking off to the computer to write. But even thought I'm not always writing, I am always thinking of my littles.

Yesterday, Daddy and I started the day with a walk downtown. We stopped at a little cafe for breakfast. It was the biggest breakfast we’ve ever seen in our lives! We brought a ton of it back to the Hostel there was so much!

Is that huge or what!?

After breakfast, we walked around some of the shops. We wanted to buy it all! We thought that probably wasn’t a great idea so we thought we’d take some pictures of what we wanted so you could see.

Momma found this hat, isn’t it super cute?

Daddy found the bowls he’s been looking for forever. They totally collapse for easy storage. Ben had these on the Discovery Wilderness trip Daddy did with the High Schoolers, he has been looking for them ever since!

Clayton recommended these shoes, they are called fivefingers. They are suppose to be much better for your body. Not to mention, they  look and feel so cool! You can use them for anything. Running, walking, work, or play. They are great. 

And of course, you know we’re a sucker for a good book store. ; ) So we had to stop. Daddy wanted to get this book. We’re going to check online for a better deal.

But we did find a few things for some special little people in that bookstore. =) But I'm not going to show you pictures of those things.... (he, he)

After the bookstore, we headed over to Clayton and Petra’s Cafe of Life for an adjustment. It felt sooo good.

Can you believe they took a morning out of their busy wedding week to take care of us? What a great example of being a servant!

After Cafe of Life, we headed back to the Hostel for some lunch and rest. Daddy and I ate some yummy sandwiches and visited with Grandma Flo. We were waiting on a group to get back from town so we could go visit some historical sights together. After lunch, we just sat and read in the living room, relaxing and waiting on them. It was nice to take a break.

Soon after, Rick, Aunt Ginger, TJ, Chris, and Lisa returned home from town and we headed out to Mesa Verde National Park  The Mesa Verde is where the Anasazi Indians lived between apx 550 to 1330 AD.  The Anasazi were mainly subsistence farmers; they grew crops on nearby mesas. Their primary crop was corn, which was also was the major part of their diet. Men were also hunters which further increased their food supply. The women of the Anasazi were famous for the elegant basket weaving. Anasazi pottery is just as famous as their baskets; their artifacts, even today, are highly prized. Since the Anasazi kept no written records, their artifacts are the only link to understanding their interesting culture.

You see the people of Mesa Verde use to live on top of the mountain but after living in those harsh environments for several years, they discovered areas under the mountain tops. They slowly made what are called cliff dwellings there, basically little apartments, and rooms made for worship, after several years they had made what was like a town. They moved down below to be better protected from the summer sun and the winter cold. In the summer, it is much cooler down below, tucked into the mountain; and in the Winter the mountain covering helped hold in heat and protect them from snow fall. 

Well, my, oh, my! I'll tell you more when we get home... sorry that was so long! = ) Back to our day ; ) 

Jordi, we did a peace sign for you! =)
We got to go down underground to one of the rooms. Most rooms were above ground, but few were below.

After the Mesa Verde momma was starting to feel very tired and a little home sick. I missed my littles on this trip. Learning history all alone is not something I am use to. I wished you guys were here with us learning. BUT, Daddy says we'll be sure to try and make it back when all the kiddos are big enough to climb down the mountain and understand the teaching. Yippee!

Silly Daddy, took a picture of Momma sleeping. Look! I'm in the back seat you don't see that everyday! =)
After my little nap =) We arrived at the Hostel. Dinner was already ready! JC had cooked burgers on the grill. After my dinner, I cleaned up a bit and headed to the laundry mat to do laundry. The laundry mat was quiet and I was the only one there. I thought of you guys and the book, A Pocket for Corduroy. I got to use the big baskets and everything!

Being in the laundry mat made momma a little sad. I missed my littles a lot. It was strange just folding Momma and Daddy's clothes and not yours. After the laundry was finished, I headed back to the Hostel. All the grown ups were playing a silly game at the table. I went to my bunk and put the laundry away. Uncle Mitch was in there, we chatted a bit about missing home. Then Aunt Val and Adrian came in and asked if I was going to come out and join the fun. I told them I was probably going to head to bed and I shared with them that I was missing my kiddos. =) 

Well, little did I know that they were planning a big surprise for Daddy and me! A few minutes later, Mitch came in and said that Grandma Flo wanted everyone to come out to the living area. When we walked out, EVERYONE was out there, some holding cameras... they started singing "Happy Anniversary" to us. They changed the words from Happy Birthday to Happy Anniversary. I couldn't beleive it! Of course, momma started to cry. They handed me a cake and I almost dropped it! It was so nice. Mackayla, Mitch and Val's daughter gave a little speech saying "We are so happy you guys are here and want to thank you for your great example to all the cousins by being married for 10 years." Then they made Daddy and I kiss = ) 

This was a very special thing to momma for a lot of different reasons. It just shows us how big God is and how good he is to make all things new. Remember, Momma didn't even know any of these people from my family when Daddy and I were married; none of them were there when we said, "I do". But wouldn't it be a sad thing if all I thought of was what they weren't there for instead of thinking about what they are here for now? How wonderful it is that we have found another part of family to celebrate the joys of life with! Now, when we're together it's like we've always been. I think that is how God would want it to be. =) Of course, Grandpa isn't here... I'm sure he would have loved to have been here last night, we all have missed him on this trip.

Well, today is the BIG DAY! The wedding day! I just can't wait. Then it's home in just a few short days! I hope each of you are doing good. Being helpful and loving each other. Today is Mrs. Judi's BIRTHDAY!!! Be extra good and give her extra love. The Huelat home is one of my favorite places to be, HAVE LOTS OF FUN FOR ME!

Love and miss you, 

Momma and Daddy

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