Saturday, July 26, 2008

Living Our Cinderella Story

Earlier this week we received an invite to the 10th Anniversary Celebration of our friends Matthew and Cindy from church.

This, I was told, was to be a fancy event. Now, I myself am not equipped for much "fanciness" so my friend Cindy let me come and raid her closet (she has a much better taste of clothes than I). Yes, I totally wore a dress of the bride to her anniversary party... I'm a mooch like that. :o)

It was a wonderful evening. Daniel and I got a sitter for little Judah and took the girls with. They had baby sitting in the room next door so we were able to enjoy a nice adult evening eating fancy food,...

sharing stories with friends, and looking back over the past 10 years of Matt and Cindy's life. Then towards the end of the night the kiddos came out and we had some boogy woogy time on the dance floor with them :-) All good clean fun of course.

I know the night was designed to be all about the happy couple, but as we left I couldn't help but feel like we cheated them just a little.

During my short visit to Cindy's house yesterday afternoon to pick a dress and some shoes, I made the comment to her that this was going to be one of the most fanciest things I had ever been to. I quickly explained a little bit of Daniel and my wedding story and how "not Cinderellaish" it was. I told her, "you know, I always wanted the Cinderella story beginning but it just didn't work out that way."

Well, as I sat there tonight listening to people stand and say very nice things about them and as I watched the video of their past 10 years, I couldn't help but reflect on our past 7 years. I sat there and thanked God for the amazing husband I have.

He is a man who loves God with his everything, he is an amazing protector, provider, teacher, father and companion. He is my very best friend and my biggest encouragement. I also thought of all the people in our lives, people whom we dearly love. I thought of how they have impacted our lives in such huge ways. I thought of all the friendships and relationships centered on the Love of Christ we have in our life.

I always thought that happily ever after began with a beautiful dress, a wonderful ceremony, a grooms side, and a brides side. I never thought that a happily ever after could began at Lavern's Wedding Chapel holding a baby carrier. But our amazing God knew that it could.

Don't get me wrong...

Oh how I long to see Daniel walk each of our girls down the isle. And it is always our prayer that our children follow close to the Lord and seek him always, not just with part of their life, but with their everything. BUT it is so amazing to know that even though we didn't make those healthy choices in the beginning, he has still given us our happily ever after.

We never vowed anything to each other nor did we do anything by the book; but tonight when he held me in his arms and we danced together with our little girls watching with blushed cheeks, I felt like Cinderella. God sent me my prince, He had a plan for us and I am forever thankful.

Happy 10th Anniversary Matthew and Cindy!
And Thank you for letting us share the evening with you.


  1. awww....that is such a sweet post!!! you look great in that dress!! I'm glad you had such a great evening!

  2. What a beautiful post!! LOVE IT!

  3. my dear kati, your post was absolutely the best. The verse in Jermimah where GOD says, 'I know the plans I have for you....' are so real. I (as monster-in-law) had plans for Daniel. I knew very early in his life that he would be doing the Lord's work. Even when he got off track, I held to the knowledge that GOD had plans for him. How could I know how GOD would use him, and you? My job was to trust him and pray. Seeing you together with my angels and little JB reinforces my faith and trust. GOD IS GOOD!

  4. Kati (& Daniel & girls):
    Thanks for being there to celebrate with us. You all looked so great and these pictures of the two of you are BEAUTIFUL!!
    You look better in that dress than I do... consider it YOURS!!!! :)
    We love you guys and are so happy that we have gotten to know you better. You two are living your Cinderella Story and I'm honored to be a part of it!
    Want me to help you plan your 10th anniversary party!?! :)

  5. Kati,
    It was so nice to meet you at Matt & Cindy's anniversary party. I love your blog and this post is just so touching, and I find your strong faith inspiring.

    God bless,
    Tiffany Spain
    Picture Perfect Photography

  6. Kati and Daniel,
    That post made me tear up! I hope you two find ways to have more of those nights as they are SOOOO important as the years go by. Kids become the center of our world sometimes and we need times for us as couples too. And isn't it just too cool when the kiddos can see the love you have for each other with their own eyes and watch you hold each other and dance like Cinderella and her Prince!? Thanks for letting us share in your joy through this blog! Congratualtions too!

  7. ok that is the best...BEST....lil post on love.....well said are making me cry...i love you and your fam...cant wait to have them in august...lovin my man too...jude


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