Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Little People, A Hospital Visit, and an Awesome Day

I read a blog one time of a lady who was totally devoting her blog to keeping her kitchen sink clean. "100 days of my sink being clean" or something like that was her title. 

Apparently, she had issues with keeping the sink clean of dirty dishes and clutter so she was going to blog every day about her progress and show a picture of her pretty sink. I remember thinking, "Lady, get off the computer and just go clean your sink." 

That's what I've been doing, "cleaning my sink." Teaching and training a toddler, praying, being "Super Mom" with a "Super Little Boy"; reading, reading and reading again with a first grader; praying some more. Talking big girl talk with my oldest; cooking, cleaning, changing diapers, paying bills, managing hearts, painting bedrooms, loving on little old people; falling deeper and deeper, madly in love with my hard working husband, praying a little more, and taking a moment to see it all from a far.

AH! Life's been busy! But, as always; love it, love it, love it. Just have to manage it. =) 

The little people in our home are doing well. I was just talking to a friend today, a new homeschool convert ; ) about how it really is so hard to homeschool. Of course, she was probably thinking, "Great, now everyone tells me." But, you know what? It is. It it a constant thing on my mind. "Am I doing enough?" "Are they learning it?" "Oh, we could be doing that, oh we should be doing that." "Ewww, that was real ugly." "Ewww, I was real ugly back." 

Of course it's hard, like I was telling my friend; these are the most impressionable people in your life and they spend all day with you. You see everything about them and they see everything about you. As a momma, you only want the best for your children. As a homeschool momma, you're it. You're not following up any one, you're the one. A blessing, yes. A constant fear, yes. *sigh* I'm only human. Thankful, I do what I can and have the honor of depending on Jesus to do the rest.

The big people in our house are doing well too! =) Daniel continues to work very hard. We were talking the other night about his new job role in life. I told him "Man, you're going to be one of those old people who say, "Yes, I was a youth minister when I was young." and people are going to be like, "What? You were?" That is so weird. Some of our dearest friends are like that, they were once in ministry; some for several years. Now, when we talk with them and hear their stories it's so strange because now they're college professors or big time business owners we couldn't imagine them in ministry. So, so strange.

I am normal now and all back to my old self but did have close brush with death. No big deal, all better now however, it was the scariest thing I have ever had happen in my life. I just woke up one morning and my body was in shut down mode. Seriously. 

I'm a pretty touch chick, I can hang with the best of them but this was something I have never in my life experienced before. I just woke up and felt strange. Within an hour I had a 103.7 fever, pains all over, couldn't look at light, couldn't stay awake, couldn't walk, couldn't eat or digest anything. It was the scariest thing I've ever had happen. I let it go on for three full days and finally said, "That's it, I have to get to a hospital, NOW." Which was a super big decision because we don't have health insurance.  I was thinking, "Do they really see you or will they turn you away." Good news. They saw me ; ) It's a good thing too because I would have screamed at them if they refused me... it's true = (

Long story short, after two bags of liquids through IV, morphine, a huge dose of antibiotic, and five ex rays,  they diagnosed me with a severe kidney infection and a high possibility of Viral Spinal Meningitis. They wanted to do a spinal tap on me to be sure.  However, I opted out of that after he told me it is a painful procedure, I could become paralized or have a headache for another two weeks.  I thought, "Seriously, buddy? Ummm, no thanks. But, could I get some more morphine, to go?" HA =) 

No, they could tell it wasn't Bacterial Meningitis and thats the only one that can be treated anyway. Not to mention, it can be fatal. However, the only way to get over Viral is to  get on antibiotics and let it run it's course. So VM or not, I discharged on Tuesday afternoon and was totally back to normal on the following Sunday. Pain gone, fever gone, eating, and digesting ; )

Of course, the next question... what about ELEOS and the COMMUNITY SHARE? Oh, you know me too well, yes we did them ; ) I really did think those cute little old people could go without lunch on Thursday but I guess God just wanted it done because he put people in my life to get the job done. One being, my awesome Mother In Law, who went shopping after work on Wednesday night to get every single ingredient for Thursday's meal. Chili, Baked Potato and all the Fixings with Fresh Fruit for Dessert. Yeah, that doesn't sound like a lot but I needed everything, all the way down to the chili powder and onions. The kids and I served 25 people.

The COMMUNITY SHARE was AMAZING! Just amazing. It was huge! I finished up my pain meds on this day, it was some work. BUT people were totally confused, (which I love, because that's what Jesus does, he's such a radical dude ; ) They just didn't understand why we were giving it all away for free. Oh, the hard gift of grace. 

People from all walks of life, shopping for whatever they wanted or needed without worrying about a bill to pay at the checkout. We didn't care if they took too much or what they planned to do with it. Everyone was so happy and a lot of great hugs took place = ) Some people smelled real nice, some smelled real bad, even drunk. So cool.

We had TONS of stuff. People were so great to donate such great items. There was 4 cart loads left for John 3:16 when they arrived to pick up what was left. Plus, we had some donations to give them from people who just had to give something. ; ) I'd love to show you my great pics however my computer and camera are not getting along tonight and I just can't get them uploaded = ( But, pictures or no pictures, you'll just have to trust me... it was an awesome day.

Well, that is a quick update on our little lives. Sorry it's not more. We sure do hope you are all doing well and resting in God's perfect love.

He is so good.


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  1. I'm glad to hear that your doing better. I hope we can get together soon.


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