Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sick Day

Last Tuesday night and Wednesday morning I was super sick. Sick days are something you don't get when you're a momma. And you for sure don't get sick days on Wednesday's when you're married to a youth minister. =) And mothers who have to get up and take your children to school when you are sick... you are AMAZING! I couldn't imagine having to do that.

So, on this particular morning, I was desperate. I only needed about one hour more of sleep. Just enough time to help the fever, chills, stomach and all that yuck, calm down. So I did what any good momma would do...

Put my 8year old in charge and laid back down. I laid down at 7:42 and woke at 8:56 to the sound of giggling little children.

"Oh, no." I thought, "EVERY time you hear that, you can plan on disaster." I drug myself out of bed, ready to see the worst. Not only had it been over one hour and Emmyn sounded still awake but they were also in charge of getting their own breakfast, "Oh... this will be bad."

I step down the stairs to see them drawing all over the windows:

"What is going on, guys." I ask.

"Hello Mommy, you feel bedda" (Judah)

"Hey, Mom, are you feeling better? We're fine down here." (Alli)

"Oh, Mom, we are totally fine. You can go back to bed." (Jordan)

"Giggle, Giggle, Giggle" (Emmyn)

Then they proceeded to show me all the get well wishes they had drawn for me =)

I thought there would be food everywhere and toys all over the house but I was wrong. I couldn't believe it!

They got ice cream right then and there. For real, they did. =)

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  1. Such good children! But, they have a great mom and dad also. I so need to see you guys!
    hugs and kisses
    blessings galore!
    nana m


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