Friday, March 5, 2010

Yes! Yes! Yes! and WHY?

Lots of people want to know:

"Hey, I don't have a blog... can I send out an email to family and friends about Katie's work in Uganda and still enter the GIVE A WAY?"

YES! You can! Just be sure to comment HERE so we can keep them all in the same place. My emails gets checked and then sometimes fall between the cracks.

"Can I re-post every day on Facebook to get multiple entries in the GIVE A WAY?"

YES! Different people are on FB at different times, feel free to post as many as you would like. Although, you can only enter one time per day and you need to let me know by way of comment HERE.

"Can I come up with my own creative way of spreading the news?

YES! Just post a comment HERE as to how you did that. You could even e-mail me a picture of you or your family raising awareness and I'll post them here at the blog and even email them to GWEN who does correspondents for Katie here in the states!! What a GREAT idea!

Lastly, some of you have sent me messages or emails telling me you are spreading the word but "not for the free stuff" or even apologizing in your comments... WHY? If you win that is another chance to share the news! People will compliment your necklace and you can share the story with them! And trust me... they WILL compliment because they are beautiful and have a beautiful story.

Thanks everyone!

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