Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Even If It's Just For The Free Stuff...

...do this, won't you?

The Gibson home is very passionate about lots of stuff. I think you might know that. One thing we are passionate about is Katie and her work in Uganda.

I don't read many blogs. Yes, I read some of my friends mainly when I am reminded by a comment they may leave or a post on Facebook, but the only blog I frequent is Katie's. And it took me a long time to even check out her writings after my friend Ginny told me to. In fact, if memory serves me right she had to follow up with me... "Hey, did you check out what that 21 year old is doing in Uganda?" "Oh, yeah... I need to do that." I am so glad I did.

It got me thinking the other day: I wonder how many other people only read one or two blogs. Maybe they are like me: "Oh, yeah... I need to do that," after you have shared with them something like Katie's Journey.

So, I thought... why not give them something to get excited about, after all, we all like free stuff.

I am asking YOU to join our family in working together to bring more awareness to what AMAZIMA Ministries is doing in Uganda through God, Katie, and others here in the states. At first I thought, "Well, how can our little ol' family do anything other than just pray and give financial support?" (Not that those both aren't very important but hey, why not spread the news too.) Then I had an idea!

So, here it goes.

Each month our family will be doing a GIVE A WAY for one of these:

(colors vary)

I have one that my sweet friend Ginny sent me months ago; I could put it on and display for you... however, I am so excited to get this information out that I don't want to stop and take a picture. Honestly, the tree makes a good model, I think ; )

Made of recycled magazines by Ugandan women, these necklaces retail for 18.00 plus shipping. The purpose? Feeding their children and the children of Uganda through AMAZIMA Ministries. You can check out more about it HERE.

Here are the many ways you can get yours for FREE!! Shipped to your mail box!

* Add this button to your Blog- 1 entry
(copy and paste the HTML from the sidebar and add it to your sidebar or post)

*Add this button to your blog- 1 entry
(copy and paste the HTML from the sidebar and add it to your sidebar or post)

*Write something about AMAZIMA on your blog page- 1 entry

*Put a link about this give a way on your blog so others can spread the word - 1 entry

*Post a link to one of the above ministries (not this blog) on Facebook - 1 entry

*Sponsor a child through AMAZIMA- 1 ongoing, entry each month
(learn more about sponsorship by clicking HERE)

Last step, after doing any of those, leave a comment about what you did so we can count it up for the drawing held on March 9th. I know comments are cheesy sometimes, but it will be an easy way of keeping track and it might also encourage others to do the same!

So, there are six different ways to spread the word about this work! And six different ways to win!

Some months the give a way will be a different item from the 147MillionOrphans website. You can check out some of it HERE. Everyone asks me about my necklace. So, even after you receive your "prize", you can be a testimony for the people of Uganda and orphans in many parts of the world by telling them what your necklace, t-shirt, bag, etc. stands for.

I would much rather have a story to share with someone about how my "stuff" is helping others rather than: "Yeah, I got it at Wal-Mart, on sale."

Can you tell I'm just a little excited?

Ok, ready set... GO!

Give a Way ends on March 9, 2010, 4:30 CST
That's one week from today. Tell everyone you know!


  1. I just wanted you to know I think this is awesome & would love to share it with my friends. I have posted a link to Katie's blog & the awareness give a way. When I get home after all my chemo & stem cell transplant, I fully intend to help this ministry in some way. God bless her & her work & all the children. Thank you Katie for sharing this with me:)

  2. I first saw the link to Katie's blog from your blog months ago. I have been inspired by her and had recently already added her link to my own blog. She has an incredible ministry. Any time I'm tempted to tell God 'I can't do that'; I think of Katie and am reminded that I can. Sometime's we don't give God enough credit for what HE CAN DO! Thanks for sharing her story.

  3. awesome! thank you for doing this. what a great idea and great way to spread the word :)

  4. WOW, Thanks! Mark me for 3- Two links and one FB post! I never win anything how great would it be to win something with a story!

  5. This really is a great way to spread the word about Katie and what she is doing. I wish I could make everyone take the time to read her blog because I know it would change their lives.

    Please put me down for three entries. The two "buttons" and I wrote about her in my blog. I know is sounds so silly to say these things, but I would really love to win this necklace as I was considering using it to raise funds for our adoption, but I didn't want to spend precious money ordering a sample!

  6. love it !!! thanks for emailing us and letting us know ... you truly are helping us to shed light into the darkness ... blessings !!! gwen

  7. What a light in darkness. Praise be to God for what this young lady is doing! Can't wait to spread the word and continue to read what she is doing. Put me down for a FB entry and an email to family and friends!


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