Sunday, December 7, 2008

Here He Is!

Remember the announcement of this little guy? Well, I promised pictures and here they are!

We had a sweet but very short visit up to see our good friends Friday evening. Little J.T. is sooo super sweet. You should have seen my little Jordi, when my friend Ginny placed him in her little arms, she just melted. It was adorable. Do you see that little smile? =)

Alli, being the big girl she is...

Below is a totally random side profile picture of Jordan and I that Daniel took. Don't ask me why he took it but it really is so funny. It's funny because of Jordan. This is her in a nutshell, totally into adult conversation. I remember when we lived at the Simpson's this summer. The adults would usually end up talking around the table after dinner. Well, Alli and Judah would run off and play but not little Jordan; she would just sit there totally engaged, shaking her head things like: yep... uh-huh... too funny, too cute, too Jordan!

Here is big brother Caleb, in his super hero cape, he is so proud of his little brother. You barely can see little Hannah, the new big sister in the background, she wore her pretty dress for us, so sweet. (not the baby doll laying on the sofa, ha!)

I didn't get any pictures of momma Ginny though. We rushed out of there so quickly, we didn't take any pictures, not even of all the kids together =(

We sure do miss living only 15 minutes from them. It's funny how simple little things like that can become such treasures. What I wouldn't give to have Ginny living right down the road ;)

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