Sunday, December 7, 2008

Introducing... Sweet Time

You might remember my quick reference to Sweet Time a few posts back.

Oh, it is a very lovely thing.

This summer I had the opportunity to join the Estill's for tea. Tea at the Estill's is quite the treat. I never knew tea was such an art until we met them.

As for my family, tea is ok. Well, for Alli, tea is torture. =) The idea, however of sitting together in the sweetness of the moment after a day full of work is absolutely delightful. But what shall we call our time if not "tea time"? I asked the girls "ummmm, how about sweet time mommy... we can have sweet treats and a sweet little time." That was it, I was sold.

No matter what is going on, no matter how much is on our plate, unless we have to be gone for some reason, we stop whatever we are doing and have our Sweet Time. It has been so fun, making cocoa together, homemade whip cream, baking little goodies both new and old. All the while growing closer and closer to each other. Wonderful.

We also read every time. We almost can't get through the conversation about our day because the kids are so anxious to hear about what is going on in the current book we are reading. Sometimes Daddy gets to join us and that is always a special treat. He likes to be totally unmannerly and enjoys torturing the girls :-) Such is the life of our wonderful Daddy. But hey, the girls love saying... "Now, must say may I please..." =) ha!

In the summer the girls and I have decided on fresh lemonade of all different sorts. yummm.

One main thing Daniel and I want our kids to do is:

STOP!, LIVE in the moment, and Cherish it. We hope Sweet Time is just one more way to train them in that way.

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