Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Life Happens

Someone asked my children the other day, "Do you raise your hand for your mommy when you need something just like you would in school?"

Now, do NOT get me wrong, the person asking me this, I dearly love but still... I couldn't help but smile when I replied, "Ummm no, we are verrrry relaxed; they usually call me in from the kitchen or come hunt me down when they need help."

Then they asked, "So, do you plan daily outdoor activities for them to get in their physical education time" my answer was: "Well, anything we do as outdoor activities can count as physical education." =)

How in the world would I get all the things I get done in one day if we were set up like a classroom? No wonder so many people who have not home schooled are scared to death of it and think you are some kind of super hero for doing it. I am so blessed God has helped me get over the "what other people think" thing and just love and enjoy my children every day. I think I would go crazy otherwise.

Today not one workbook was opened. Oh yes, we planned to. But when I came home from an 8am appointment and the kids wanted to redo their bedroom, make curtains and little decorations I just couldn't resist a good Home EC lesson =)

By the time we were finished with our girly fun my girls had learned how to totally transform a bedroom using just fabric, ribbons, tying bows, and using imagination. They had also learned how to have patience with a little brother in the midst of all the decorating. They learned how to work together, use each others ideas and make them come to life. School doesn't get much better than that folks =) And what's even better is, I was learning right along with them.

Side Note: Remember my no sew protest? yep, not one single stitch took place in our craftiness today =)

Then after that we made lunch, read some books and the little ones took naps. During naps Alli and I did some chores and had some girly talk. By the time the little ones woke up it was time for our little Sweet Time (oh, I haven't introduced that yet have I... hmmmm I need to do that ;) Today, since I had to run to the store we had our Sweet Time at McDonald's. We redeemed four free ice cream cone coupons, selected a little spot to sit and finished up our Little House on the Prairie Animal Adventures Chapter Book. Afterward we headed to the grocery store.

Now don't get me wrong I think kids need structure. I know my kids THRIVE on structure. We are a very type 'A' house around here; agendas, planning, check lists, schedules etc. But when life happens, we like to go with the flow. Otherwise like I said: I would go crazy when things like this happen...

(click play to view)

Yep, the girls and I were in the school room having a sweet little time; Alli doing work at the table, Jordan and I working with letters on the floor when I noticed it was very quiet in the house. About that time he came tip-toeing over to us covered in white. I considered myself lucky he only grabbed a random thing from the pantry since I had been baking bread earlier that morning and the flour was still on the counter.

BUT it was a great learning experience for the kids, I said: "see, mommy could choose to be very angry right now, especially since I just swept and mopped, but I am choosing to find joy in the situation instead."

But as for that little man...

He sat right here...

...until I was totally finished cleaning it all up ;) Just because I find joy doesn't mean he gets away scott free.


  1. Oh how I LOVE this! The video is great! I love the pat on the back he gets from his sister. I've had similar situations involving Kix cereal, Desitin, lotion and M&Ms. Luckily, not all on the same day! I miss seeing you at Bible study. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Ouch, Desitin! That is a hard one =) I bet your little one wore that for a couple days...

    Yes, I just thought of Bible study today; hope we start another after the New Year!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Chrissy, Thanks!

  3. ...and you preceive this as a problem somehow? My little Judah Bear was just expressing his artistic flare for abstract art. Can't believe that he got rewarded with a time out! LOL
    nana m


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