Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Making of a School Room

Now first off, I should start off by saying we do not have "school" at home. We live here, learn here, have fun here, find shelter here, share stories here, share tears here, share life together with others here. And somewhere in the mist of all that something in the form of "school" takes place. This morning it was taking place at our kitchen counter while momma baked bread. Yes, you're right... It's Saturday; we don't care what day it is around here. =)

With all that said, I have always (well, since I fell in love with teaching at home) desired a school room. A place where it is quiet and peaceful. A place where there is something in each corner to explore. Paintings on the wall, and crayons scattered across the table.

Well, with our new home came such a room. And I must admit, it's something I thought I would only day dream of. I never thought I would actually have one. In fact, I had convinced myself it was silly to want one. BUT now it is a reality! I still cannot believe it!

It all started here...

All of our fun 'hands-on-stuff' had been packed up in storage since the middle of July. Man, it was so wonderful ripping into those boxes, the kids started playing right away.

Yesterday, our little school room was made complete with this great reading couch our Nana and Papa bought us. We found it at a yard sale for $40! Thanks Nana and Papa!

Before too long the walls will be covered with writings, drawings, and learning hints, then it will have even more character.

Now, on the side I am taking the picture from is the reading corner with our library book basket and our hands-on-corner is on the opposite side; with puzzles, games, paints, etc. Sorry, I didn't get pictures of that.

Do you see that TV in the corner?

Well, it has a great little curtain on it hiding the V-Smile console underneath. I'll tell you what, I can fix just about anything without sewing. Give me some ribbon and cloth and I'm set to go. Do you remember those cutsie little aprons?

Truth is, I am hoping to get a sewing machine for Christmas so I am determined not to hand sew anymore until then. =) We'll see.

Anyway, look at this cutie pie curtain...

All I did was use some scrap fabric, double it over a small tension rod, cut holes in three spots, and tie pretty bows. And actually now that I think of it, those bows aren't made out of ribbon; they are made out of scrap fabric from the windows I covered last week.

This is what it looked like before...

and after...

ahhh, the sweet smell of tidy organization...beautiful. ;-)


  1. I don't know much about the homeschooling stuff, but the wall's color is awesome. Love it.

    My word verification was "peaful"--kinda like "peaceful" :)

  2. my mom totally just bought me a used sewing machine on ebay for like $15. i'll let you know if it works well or not. if so, then you should just go bid on ebay!! or have my mom do it for you...she's a pro.


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