Saturday, June 28, 2008

Let Me Count the Ways I Love You

I told you One reason why I love this man but I thought I would give ya another.

He says things like this on the drive home from grocery shopping at Aldi's with 5 kids...

He holds my hand and asks: "Do you like hangin' out with me?" I reply "yes" (with a smile) he says "me too, you're like my best friend or something" Then he gives me a gangster handshake and I kiss his cheek.

Aside from my God, who is my rock and foundation, Daniel is by far my very best friend. I love him in so many different ways. He loves God and stands for God's truth.

I love it that a marriage founded on sin and darkness can be made whole by our Creator. We are so blessed.

P.S This is the biggest fish he has ever caught.


  1. That is not the biggest fish I have ever caught thank you.


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