Monday, June 30, 2008

When's The Lunch Break?

I could seriously use one of those 1 hour lunch breaks from my working days! Actually, I would settle for a 30 minute lunch break right about now.

I told you about our house selling but let me fill you in between the lines. I feel like I have neglected everyone :-)

Last Tuesday the kids and I traveled to Carthage, MO for my dentist appointment and to pick up a little friend who was coming to visit for 8 days. At my dentist appointment I found out that I get my braces off THIS WED! Which worked out great because that is when Miss Gracie needs to go home.

Fun time has been had by all during Gracie's visit.

Tuesday night after we got home from Carthage we headed to McDonald's for their family night because there was a second showing of the house. It was a fun time. The kids enjoyed $1.49 happy meals, and one free RED BOX rental each (which we have yet to redeem) plus FREE ice cream cones they got to make themselves! We have never taken advantage of of the Family night at McDonald's and my kids NEVER get happy meals so everyone was real happy :-)

Our other days have included, swimming, grocery shopping, playing outside and at the park, a couple of picnics, and lots of imagination (which I love)

This was when the girls worked for the pet shelter.

On Friday we added another kiddo to the bunch, Brittany. She stayed with us from Friday to Sunday. The kids got along real well and we had a fun time. I will admit adding two more 7 year old girls to the bunch seemed a little insane at times inside of our 1,300 square feet house but we made it ok. Most of you know we are all about a bigger family but 5 to 7 overnight is a little adjustment.

Now, during all of that I had realtor's calling left and right to show our house. They always sounded so nice like "hello, we will be coming to show your house in 30 min" or in one case 10 minutes. But what they were really saying was, "hello... please take all of the children out of the pool, wake up the baby and SCRAM!!" "oh, and be sure the house is spic-n-span." It did however, sell within three days so that was a blessing and now the chaos of showing it is over and we did remain joyful through it all. But like I said in a prior post we still do not know what we are going to do, where we are going to live, etc. That's fine though.

Sunday was my birthday :-) Yippee! The kids made me some pretty pictures and Daniel MADE me a bench for our kitchen table. We woke up early that morning, Daniel cooked cereal for me and the kids then we did presents and he went to the Church.

Being the dork that I am I took some cutie pie pictures of the kids before church. (well, 4 of the kids, Judah was in the van already.)

Afterwards we had a big BBQ at church, which was a lot of fun. Then we enjoyed some R&R at home. That night our neighbor, Brittany's mom, had a little cook out for my birthday; that was so nice of her!

After all the kiddos went to bed last night Daniel and I started going through all of our stuff to minimize for the move. I am pretty sure we have decided to sell 90% of our belongings but I will keep you updated on our madness as it progresses ;-)

Today I spent the morning in the garage sorting through attic things while the kids rode bikes and stuff. Judah played so sweetly in his play pen:

This afternoon we had to run into Springfield to take some books to Redeemed (love that place). We also got a load of free stuff from various places because of some certificates from the girls Library Summer Reading Program. I Love free stuff!

Then we stopped by BRAUMS to redeem some free ice cream vouchers that were going to expire today. Baths when we got home and now we are enjoying some nice quiet time.

Only in the 21st century...

Love it...

Man, reading back over this post it almost seems like a ton of complaining. I am very thankful for everything, please know that :-) It just seems like a lot because it's a huge update!

I hope you're having as much fun as we are!

Night, Night!

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