Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hey Fellow Nixa/Ozark People...

I don't have any idea how many people from my close area read our little blog, but if you are in the Nixa/Ozark MO... area the local SALVATION ARMY is looking for bell ringers! It is so very simple to sign up to do it. No hoops to jump through or anything. What is sad is if someone doesn't volunteer no one rings the bell. When we are finished, if no one comes to relieve us we just put the bucket, apron, and bell back into the store. =(

No ring-a-ling means no ching-ching!

So, if you have an hour or MORE to spare during this giving season pack up the family and head out to support a great cause for our community.

In my opinion, (which I know you all greatly appreciate, ha!) bell ringers all year around is more my style, but oh well ;)

Below is a link to the local Springfield chapter, they can also give you the Nixa/Ozark chapter's number. (If you saw how messy my house is right now, you would understand why I don't have their number close by =)


Have fun making memories and helping others!

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  1. Oh, love the bell-ringing. Did you notice that most of the kettles are now PLASTIC? What happened?

    Love the new look of the blog too. Makes one want to sit in front of the fire with one's children and a good book. (Or with one's hubby..but that's not proper to comment about. *grin*)


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