Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sweet Time Returns

Ever since the cooler weather has set in, the kids have been begging for sweet time to resume. Our original thought was to keep it up during the summer. But summer being what it is, crazy and full of fun... sweet time somehow was left behind. Oh, we did have a few afternoons with fresh lemonade under the apple tree, reading sweet books but it just wasn't the same.

The other day, I gave in. Judah and Jordan were playing sweetly in the school room so Alli and I started in. I started on the cocoa and she on the whip cream. Filling containers with little marshmallows, setting the table, lighting the candles, it all brought back that warm, fuzzy feeling.

I remember last year, standing over Alli as she beat the cream making it whip cream, helping her light the candles. But this year, I stirred the cocoa and she whipped the cream all by herself. We were like two friends in the kitchen. It was beautiful.

I realized in that moment all the changes that had taken place since our last sweet time.

When we all gathered around the table Judah was SUPER happy. He looked at me real curiously, "Marshmallow's, Momma?" as though he was surprised to see them on the table. He had forgotten all about sweet time.

He waited patiently...

"Judah, would you like some cocoa?"

"Yes, please"...

Oh, the joy! Here it comes...


The kids were each bigger this year, more mannerly. We had more "grown up" conversation than last year. Judah listened to the book better this year. Of course, the most wonderful change of all was...

A slight touch of pink that wasn't here this time last year; my little Emmyn's blanket.

I wonder how different sweet time will be this time next year?

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  1. Oh my gosh, you should write a book with these sweet ideas! That book "Kristen" was one of my favs when I was little :)
    Your cuz

  2. These are such precious times Kati. Savor each moment. They will grow up, but they will never forget the 'sweet times'.


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