Monday, December 29, 2008

Highlights From Home

Here are just a few highlights of our Christmas day:

The traditional hot cocoa while Daddy read the story of Jesus' birth.

Remember my mention of those cutie pie bulletin boards given to us?

Alli's gift from Jordan, too cute... it was wrapped and all.

Yes, it's a credit card application. =)

Jordan also gave her a ball that she (Alli) had been coveting for some time now. She named the ball George.

Judah's gift from Alli

He loves those things; I suspect they'll break soon.

Remember the suitcase given to us full of expensive electronics? Among many other things in the case, was a Leapster. Then one week later another person gave us a Leapster... yep, you guessed it! Two of the same thing for two girls!

Ummm... have you seen the new "leapfrogs" aka leapsters? When those ladies asked me if my girls had one I said no, thinking about how those always got broken at our house ;-) Remember? The ones with the spiral books that seem to hardly ever work? Well, needless to say, I was SUPER surprised to see what they have become, they are GREAT! Real nice quality, you can draw on them, write on them, Jordi has a game where you can practice your letters. Alli has a horse game where you have to answer age appropriate questions to advance, among other games. Those girls are loving those!!

We're saving the other "treasures from the suitcase" for birthday presents =)

Of course, we baked together =) The girls baked these little guys all by themselves; ingredients and all while I baked a pumpkin pie and made toffee, Daniel's favorite.

Notice Jordan wearing her $2 resale skirt she received for Christmas. She is the only one who got dressed that day. Well, now that I think of it... maybe Judah did too.

I was real proud of them for working together. Ok, and I was real proud of my pumpkin pie and toffee too ;)

A basket ball goal for Judah.

We wanted to get him one and when our friend Kendra heard she said; "Hey! Don't buy one, I have one you can have."


A WONDERFUL Honey Baked Ham given to us by some sweet friends from church. (really this picture doesn't do it justice) We were especially thankful for this gift considering the night they gave it to us I discovered I had lent out my pan big enough to cook our turkey in. We would have been having spaghetti if they had not given us this and when they handed it to us we had no idea! Nothing wrong with spaghetti, but hey! How cool is that? This ham was already cooked and soooooo good!

A dinner by candlelight, provided by my hubby ;) is he romantic or what? ha!

I would not have it any other way.

Daniel and I didn't do gifts for each other this year. I must admit, many times I almost broke the pact and caved to buy him something he really wanted. But when the day finally arrived and I had stayed strong, I was glad. Even though he cheated and wrote me a super sweet letter and made me cry, stink head ;) It was very sweet spending the day together in our pj's just adoring the amazing reality of a savior, long awaited, arriving for us. The best Christmas Day for us so far, that's for sure!

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  1. it sounds like you guys had a great day!! i'm so glad! but of course- how could it NOT be a great day with such a special family?!


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