Friday, December 12, 2008


All of the toys pictured here, except for the barn are new.

I always think it is so funny, the way things like this happen.

Ever since we followed the convictions we felt God placing on us (notice I said us, not you ;) by transforming the way we view Christmas in America we have been bombarded with little earthly treasures!

Just since 0ur Christmas post we have inherited the following:

- A seven foot Christmas tree we were able to pass along
- Two bags full of clothes for the kids
- SEVERAL learning tools and toys from my friend Ginny along with the whole NT on CD read by children... WHICH WE LOVE!
- Some great science and art materials from a lady we passed a sofa along to.
- A bag full of size 7 shoes, which is the exact size Judah has moved in to.
- A Littlest Pet shop village with 20 pets, in brand new condition.
- Two big boxes of Christmas decorations.
- A beautiful hand crafted picture made out of an old window frame, which I dearly love!
- News of a $500 refund check from our home insurance company, total surprise.
- Three super cute bulletin boards for each of my kids, personalized. (1 bulletin board each)
- And just tonight a suit case full of very expensive electronic items (which we have yet to explore)

Now the money was a sure blessing because I need two crowns done and we had no idea how we were going to pay for that. So what a blessing to have half of it paid! Thank you Lord for helping keep us clear from debt. The rest, I don't totally know. I don't think I have ever received so much stuff in one week... really, I don't.

On a non-consumer note, God has been pouring out his blessing on me with opportunities of ministry all the while using great ladies to encourage me in my walk. I have had such a great chance to just share life with people in the past couple weeks, that has been a huge blessing, true to it's name.


  1. you didn't tell me any of this earlier. but, i guess i would have nothing to read on your blog if you told me on the phone. i'm happy that you get to have your teeth fixed!!

  2. about blessings! I just have to tell you yourself are such a huge blessing to me and my family. I know that Daniel is looking out for Matthew in the youth gatherings and, well, you have taken care of myself and Kristina...even if you don't think you have. My hope and prayer is that Kristina can look at your blessings and know that God will provide for her family also! She has already been blessed, don't get me wrong...but to see his works, will only encourage her...I hope!

  3. Renee- (Matt)

    Thank you for such a wonderful note
    of encouragement! It was so great to see Kristina and Matthew baptized today!

    What a wonderful thing it is when lives overlap and people learn from each others strengths and weaknesses.

    Matthew is such a great kid, when we were talking about him getting baptized today all the students were so excited for him!


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