Saturday, October 4, 2008

I've Been a Bad Blogger

Well, I must admit with all of life's changes lately, I have been a bad blogger; which actually makes me a little sad. :-( I really enjoy writing about all that's going on in our little lives but our little lives have been flying by lately.

I thought I would just stop in real quick to do some updates. :-) We all love a good update, don't we?

UPDATE 1: COMPUTER. Our computer is home and fixed AND it was all repaired for free, yipppee for a warranty that actually does it's job. Just one more reason to go with MAC! (Thank you IRS Supplemental Check) Don't worry Audrey, there is still hope for your little HP, hope he returns home to you soon :-(

UPDATE 2: SCHOOL. School is going wonderful, Jordan is doing so well on her colors, cutting and spelling. Alli is really enjoying the American Girl series and doing so well in her seat work (language, math, phonics). We have been doing a little bit of nature study but mainly just a lot of reading and writing.

UPDATE 3: DANIEL. Daniel has just finished up this semester of schoolwork, which he is very happy about. I must admit, I enjoy it when he doesn't always have his face stuck in a book. It's great because he is able to just plug along at ministry and our upcoming life adventures. :-) Aside from a little sick bug that keeps bothering him, he is truckin' along like normal. Praise be to the Lord for that. We really take "normal" for granted, don't we? Normal is such a great thing.

UPDATE 4: PRAYER REQUESTS. Please continue to pray for the Blades family as Jim battles a new diagnosis of bone cancer. Ginny is doing well, her little baby is growing bigger and bigger :-) we have had only healthy reports!

A few additions to prayer: If you wouldn't mind to pray for the Simpson's (the family we live with) they are searching for a church home after being with the same one for 18 years. Our friends the Swateks also. Both families are such servants for the Lord and will be such an asset to any gathering of believers. If you wouldn't mind to also pray for the Brown family. They are the ones we had to say goodbye to a few months back when they moved up north to NH. Landis (Brown) and Daniel became very close during his time on staff at our church. Well, he has had a hard time finding a teaching job in that area, especially since school is already in session. Living expenses are much more expensive up there. I am sure they would really appreciate your prayers for a job opening. Also, last but certainly not least, my friend Jessica and her family could really use some prayer. Her husband was involved in a car accident where the other driver died. It has been very trying for both families, as you could only imagine. There are several factors in play with that situation but if you could just pray for God's will to be done, that would be great.

UPDATE 5: OUR FAMILIES ADVENTURES. We have been doing so many fun things. I really do love fall. It has been a little different this year, not quite as calm as normal and we haven't been able to be as hospitable as we usually like to be, but that is just our season of life right now. God has us in this season for a reason so we'd better just embrace it and find joy!

UPDATE 6: THE BASEMENT. Yes, we are still in the basement. It really is amazing how hospitable the Simpson's have been to us. They are such wonderful people. AND with that said, I'm sure your next question is, when are we leaving the basement? ( I know it's mine) Well, we have settled on a date, November 15th.

UPDATE 7: WHERE ARE WE GOING? Where are we going? Ha! Well, you know how us Gibson's are... yep! We don't know where we are going yet. We know where God is calling us and we are getting prepared to go but don't know yet if we are headed that direction on that date.

UPDATE 8: With that said, WHAT IS GOD CALLING US TO?! Ha, yes, I kind of left you hangin' with that post didn't I? Well, that is on my list for tomorrow... Expect an update tomorrow (and don't forget, tomorrow goes until 11:59pm ;)

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  1. YAY!! You's about time woman!! I love the updates, and you left me on the edge of my seat as to what's in store for you guys. And thank you for including us in your post...that means a lot. I hope to see you tomorrow night!!!


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