Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Just Had to Laugh

The title of this post was going to be, The Good Thing About Baking Bread at 11:00 at Night is... and I was going to go into this lovely explanation of optimism as to why baking this late is good. I was going to tell you it provides me time for the important things in life, like blogging ;-) while it is baking.

But instead, I must go with the title I Just Had To Laugh because, my bread has caved in and caramelized. Which would be a first for me in the history of baking. Thus, I just have to laugh!

With the to do list I have in front of me I SHOULD consider it a blessing I don't have to take the time to slice it and package it.

It was a happy ending to a Just Laugh type of day. You know those days where if you let everything get to you, you would just go crazy? That is the type of day I had today. So when the bread caved, I smiled, grabbed the bag of potato chips, a cup of water and headed to the keyboard to share the joy with you!

Don't you feel special ;-)

But now, my lips are chapped from all the salt on the potato chips and I must go do some laundry... yep, another smile!


  1. To My Very SPECIAL DAUGHTER--the bread thing will be ok. DAD.

  2. way to be an optimist.


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