Tuesday, June 7, 2011

People I Miss

Most of you probably know that I'm on a year long "Facebook fast" that started Feb 1st. Hmmm...well, actually I guess it's not really a fast anymore because I don't even think about Facebook now and I don't even know if I'll ever get back on. However, I do miss a lot of sweet peoples updates. Like when Emmyn clicks around in her sweet shoes from Michelle G.... I miss Michelle. 

I'm always missing Ryan and Kristi W. I often think of Landis and his Gang and we're always missing the Simpson's. Of course, there's the crazy Hong and Phipps family who our kids talk about every day. 

We're always missing the Andrew family and Huelat home not to mention all those crazy Fairview people. Every time we walk into cedar point and get lost in the crowd, we miss the Aglers.

Then there's the Estill crew who we think about all the time, there's DeAnna who I think of every time I pull out my vanilla from Mexico; and Bobby, who I think about every time I watch a sports show. ; ) There's the Adams family who we think of every time we listen to "Ive Got a Feeling" and lots, and lots of others. 

*sigh* I digress. 

In other news... look at how big my boy is. 

Oh, Man... *sigh* I digress again.


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  2. we miss you guys too...we were just talking about you last night. ryan sent a fb message to daniel about possibly meeting up at bennett springs in sept.
    judah is huge...amazing how quick our boys are growing :)
    you look wonderful by the way

  3. Kristi! Yes, that would be so great! I just asked Daniel the other night if he had talked to Ryan lately. He said, yeah... I had just been thinking about calling him and he called me. It seems like that is always their story, one calls the other right when one is thinking of the other. (if that makes any sense at all, ha!) We'll talk dates and try to get something on the calender. We'll be all girly and the "boys" can chase fish all day ; )

    Lindsey, Thank you! Hey, we need to Zumba, baby! Oh and the paper had free swimming through the library and the pool does have season passes. But when ours is up, you can just come here. ; )


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