Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Fun

Normally summers are a big blogging time for our little family. We are certainly a family of outdoor adventure! This summer however, my camera battery charger has been packed. =) So, when the battery was out, the pictures were too. Remember, we thought we were packing for a two day move not a 5 week one. So, I don't have a ton of pictures leading up to July but thought I'd share the few I do have.

Alli and I kicked off the summer season with a PEDICURE! After things went crazy with the house we were buying and we had to move real fast with our friends, Daniel surprised me with a day of toes and a little shopping! A first in our marriage. Not that he wouldn't do something like that, it's just not normally my lifestyle.

When I was younger, my toes and nails held high importance to me. Every two weeks, they were done. My last pedicure was for High School Graduation. It was a long time coming and a super big treat with my Alli.

Emmyn came along with us, she thought she was such a big girl =)

Judah and Jordan went with Daniel to Wacky World, a local jump house place. It was a fun day for everyone!

Typically being in ministry calls you to be close to home unless gone on a church trip. So, visits home are not something you are able to do very often. We have enjoyed taking time to go home and visit our parents.

Emmyn had her first chocolate chip cookie. What a sweetie she is!

We had a very nice, peaceful, Father's Day celebrating our great Daddy!

(He totally has a bite of waffle in his mouth ;) Priceless!

Summer wouldn't be summer without hiking! This summer we were able to go with some great friends of ours. Emmyn was a great sport. Actually, considering the fact that this was a new place and we had no idea where we were going or how long it would be before we came to a clearing, all the kids were good sports, snakes and all!

Emmyn has enjoyed some sweet "swimming" time in her little baking pan. I love this picture. My mom has one just like this of me, in a baking pan, from when I was a baby.

Of course, there is the river! We love playing in the water. Nothing like nice cool running water on a very hot summer day.

A sweet family day to Silver Dollar City is always a treat ;)

And of course, the typical great outside time...

Ahhh, summertime. We love it.


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  1. oh, now i don't know what to say because i saw the note that i need to be respectful.....
    actually i was going to say, glad that we could be part of your "summer fun". thanks for making our first summer in ozark unforgettable (in a good way:) love you!


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