Wednesday, June 1, 2011

In The Garden

Well, it's that time of the year when blogging comes to a screeching halt and we head outside. I can only hope you are so busy with life's treasures that you don't have time to read our silly little blog. ; )

We've been in the garden.

Meanwhile, my house seems to always look like this...

at least it's quiet and still. 

(well, sometimes ; )


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  1. Okay, those benches were so, so cute! Did you use a stencil? Also, I've just gotta say that you've come a long way, Baby! I can't believe the Kati I met 6 years ago just showed the world a pic of her house in need of being picked up to the whole world (since THAT Kati's house never got that way!) Awesome. Love ya. -Ginny

  2. =) Ginny,

    Those are garden boxes, not benches. And no, no stencils; that would be alli's art. Yeah, she's something else... all I can draw is stick figures. The kids each have a garden box this year. Well, except Emmyn, we just have to keep her from pulling up onions and eating un-ripe strawberries. Just wait, a few more years, you'll be in the thick of it, sister = )


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