Sunday, September 13, 2009

Signs of Summers End

I am sad to see summer go this year. It seems it came and went so quickly. It's sad to look around the yard and see all the changes taking place.

Changes are also taking place in our little Gibson home. We're getting all settled in with our new little bundle of joy, Emmyn and preparing for fall ourselves. Soon we will be enjoying sweet school time, little conversations over cocoa, and warm slippers. Cozy fires, books, and tea. Cool mornings, early evenings, and new paintings of God's creation will soon take place. Gone are the days of hot sun and watermelon.

The smells of fall will soon fill our little home. Hot apple pies baking in the oven and cinnamon sticks boiling on the stove, all those common joys of a new fall season.

We welcome the rest of fall; but hate to see the sweetness of summer pass.

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  1. Even tho summer is ending,the handiwork of God is evident. The harvest is ready! Preparation for a new season. Seasons are the best explanation of our lives. As one ends, another begins.


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