Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I need your help--and I don't have a church family, really. { I have friends. Friends with this little thing in common, Jesus. }

I'm here. 


I've been silent, I'm sorry. 

Well, kind of, not really? Sorry for the silence, thankful for the reason.

God has been teaching me, silencing me, He is so good. ( you would agree, especially if you feel like I yack too much ;)

However, I'm back. And I appreciate all the emails, messages, even letters checking on me. =)

A few nights back I was going through pictures on my computer from years ago. While crying my little eyes out, I realized my life has been so full of good people. Some for only a while, some for a lifetime. All, shaping and molding me into who I am today. I am so thankful. 

A question for you:

If I'm back and I'm committed to writing now that my heart is a bit stronger and I'm sorting the words out in my head--can I ask of your help, yet again?

You see, I have this friend and her family have this calling. 

Then I have these bottles and they need filled. 

And I don't have a church family, really. I have friends. Friends with this little thing in common, Jesus. 

yup! you simply take a cutie pie little bottle and fill it with your spare change.

and that little sweetie is one step closer to coming home!

Are there 15 people who would take a bottle, put it on their counter and fill it up in a months time with their change? Could you hold a family meeting, tell your kiddos about the love our Jesus has for Widows and Orphans and tell them they have a chance to help? 

If you can help, please do. 

If you will help, please do. 


Near or far-- I'll mail or deliver the bottle to you and pay for your shipping back. 

Adoption is such a HUGE thing. Just think, that God-- that wonderful, magnificent, gracious God who adopted us-- with all our junk, allows us the opportunity to show grace to a child who knows no grace. 

And he uses people like Christy.

Oh, I could list her credentials, tell you all about how she is worthy of help; tell you all the wonderful things she has done and continues to do for the Kingdom, however I will give all the Glory to that God of ours.

Knowing, He knows her, and He lives in you--
and you hear His voice.

Will you help her?

And you know what's amazing? I know you'll help. However, why not make it fun, right? So, here is the little twist-- out of all the people who take a bottle and fill it up, there will be a give-a-way. Yes! One of Katie's Ugandan necklaces. On October 7th, we will be drawing one name -- from the names of people who filled their bottle-- out of a hat and the winner will receive one of those beautiful handmade necklaces.

You know what else would be great? If three of Christy's friends {which I don't know her friends} did the same thing (found 15 friends to fill bottles) and we all had little bottles full of help coming her way-- are there friends who will do that? I'll take one of your bottles ;)

See, we're helping people all around! Together!

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you. James 1:27

So thankful for grace

I'll write more tomorrow, hopefully saying all 15 bottles have been spoken for!

{ Once you have told me you would like a bottle, I will deliver or mail it to you. You will fill it up within the next month with just spare change and then we will donate it to Christy and her families adoption process. Christy and her husband, Steve currently have two daughters and are praying for their little sweetie in Uganda to come quick!


  1. I want one!!!! Please contact me ...sixlowrys@cox.net

  2. We would love to get a bottle to help her out. My email is Tina.bushyhead@gmail.com


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