Friday, July 20, 2012

Update on Adopt a Gram

Our cutie pie little Grams have filled out their questionnaires and I collected them all yesterday! We are busy little bees getting them into "Gram Packs" so all you fantastic people can select a Gram.

Would you believe... we have ALL OF OUR GRAMS are accounted for?! That means each Gram has a family-- makes my little heart go pitter pat. {don't get scared, if i have talked with you about having a gram in any way-- you are included in that count} We'll have the packs ready soon!

Thank you! 

On a totally side note-- Our Ting (Angus) Skyped with us last night. His night is our morning, which we hate so much. When we rise, he is going to bed. When his day begins, we are tired. However, with that aside-- He shared breakfast and Gods Word with us yesterday before he left for school.

Really? Has he really caught it? That crazy love for that great big God? The only God? The creator of Heaven and Earth? That God?

I think so.

Praise, Glory, and Honor.

That God... he is so big.

Hey Ting, 

When we delivered lunch to Mrs. Nancy yesterday, she wanted us to tell you, "Hello" she'd also like you to mail her a letter. Remember her? I snapped a picture of her steps for you. The steps you stood on to deliver food and sing Christmas carols.  Ting, pray for her. 

We love you.

Thanks everyone,

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