Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm not a fun mom by nature

I'd rather read a book or take a nap. Surprised?

My kids might even argue that I'm not much fun still. =)

Don't get me wrong. I'm a joyful mom, I enjoy some panties on my head while doing laundry. I love to turn the music up loud, and we have fun crafty days. But given the option, I'd just sit and watch the fun, enjoying the little things, not really get in the middle of it.

However, I'm in the business of making memories here in this job called, mom. So, I try to make the best of it.

sometimes, it's making cookies with little hands

or heart shaped pancakes for breakfast.

Sometimes, it's attempting to make a lego cake because he wants one so bad.  {and we all know, mommas hands make the best cake no matter how it turns out}

it can be making the most of your last four oranges because your friends are sick

or making homemade salsa and talking about South America.

It can be fun cupcakes

or breaking down and just buying the sugar cereal every now and then.

Sometimes, it's making a wait at the doctors office a little more fun

or adding a sign to your t.v.

It can be making the most out of a rainy day

or using a friends idea for a fun snack.

It's sweet letters while reading a book

or playing, "find the happy cookie" at afternoon snack time.

today, it was lunch with a friend.

It doesn't matter how we do it. It's that we're doing it.

Loves this Wednesday,