Friday, July 29, 2011

A Random Day in The Life of a Simple Chelsea Girl

I'm not even going to lie, I still can't beleive I live here. Nothing wrong with it, I just can't beleive it. It's a totally random, nothing I ever planned, completely crazy kind of thing!

I like to wear pretty dresses, I think I'll start to wear only pretty dresses. I need to go to some garage sales to find some. Found one today, when I stopped at a local garage sale. The man saw I was wearing a dress, he says, "You like pretty dresses, I have some pretty dresses over here for $5." I walk over to the man, drenched from sweat, shirtless, wearing high top tennis shoes and knee high socks. After telling him the dresses are a little too fancy for my type, he turns me on to a brown sun dress, not really my style, but he insists I buy it, "It's White Stag" he says. My mind turns toward my early childhood when my mother would tell me those.exact.words as we shopped the Goodwill racks. All I would think back then was, "Why can't it be Tommy Hilfiger." The man, still dripping in sweat,  proceeded to sell me a "good winter coat."

I bought the dress. The man worked hard for that dollar. 

Afterward, I went to the local drug store where another man was sitting in the 105 degree weather selling watermelon and cantaloupe. I stood for a chat, asking him how to tell when I should pick our cantaloupe. He had great information.

We finished up our Friday morning Summer Library program. That little library did such a great job. It's hard getting use to a little library. On a low day at our wonderful, fantastic, unbeatable, love until the day I die, library... The Library Center in Springfield, MO there were so many people at the programs, I wouldn't go! Oh, those are special memories, the children and I sharing a muffin at the Library Coffee Shop and stopping at the little store inside to buy something from the 50% off table. Now, before the library, we go see Mr. Adam at the local Donut Shop. You know, he and the Donut Baker Man just bought the donut shop and Mr. Adam's girlfriend just opened up a dance studio here in town. We're pretty happy for them.

We met our first Homeschool family today! Locals! It's been nine months, almost to the day, since we moved here and have yet to meet any Homeschool family in our own town. It really has been strange, I am asked more here than ever before, "Why do you Homeschool?" "What made you Homeschool; do you hate the government?" "Do your kids get interaction with other kids? "How will they be socially?" I always want to say, Have you ever met my children? they are not lacking in the social realm of things.

We are SUPER excited to meet some other crazy people like us; hope it all works out. They have four children, just like us. My kids have already planned a theatrical play for them all to act out. I hope we don't scare them off too soon. They're coming to play Monday; let's hope they stick around ; ) 

I have been on a reconstruction mode here at the house. It  started with a closet. Isn't that the way it goes? 

I painted and rearranged the closet, I moved the bookcase, I moved another bookcase, I sorted books, I hung all the pictures that were left, I sorted the homeschool materials,  I got rid of the desk, I got rid of the island, I rearranged our closet, I cleaned out the garage, got rid of junk from outside the house, I created new discovery corners and today, we took out the TV. I love reconstruction. Reconstruction of the mind, body, and soul. So good.

Tonight we explored a new play ground at one of the schools here in town. The kids have been dying to try it out. So, we had dinner at the new play ground. It was lots of fun. 

The girls and I went afterward to clean the little church we clean. Thursday's is our night. The girls and I go clean and then do girly things together. We might go to the truck stop down the road from the church (the only place around there) and have coffee or share a piece of pie while playing cards or a dice game. We may come home and do nails; tonight we did massages. Tonight is Friday, Thursday night didn't work out this week. 

Now I sit. Think about my day and all the little ins and outs. Reflect on Katie's Blog Post I read earlier today, it always draws me to my knees. Working on memorizing a passage of scripture, read a little, drink my cup of milk which always makes me think of my friend, Darie, with her big glass of milk and organic peanut butter cookies each night. Soon, I'm going to chat with my favorite person ever, Our Maker, and then go to rest.

a few peeks at our garden, one of our favorite places. 

Such a random life. 


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