Friday, July 29, 2011

I've Got a Job for You!

Well, something that we had planned for Eleos Outreach this summer was a back to school thing. But after talking with several people, that is pretty much taken care of for our little town.

However, after talking with our local school today to see how we can help with the big thing they have planned for the community... they informed me that they have only one person doing hair cuts. =(

Well, I'm not a hair cuttin' type of girl and if you have seen our Jordan's hair, you know our Alli isn't a hair cutting type of girl. ; ) eek!! But, we have two options... we can cover a hair lady for $20 an hour to come out and do haircuts, or someone can be so kind as to do it for free ; )

If you or someone you know may be interested in helping, Saturday, August 6th from 9-1pm here in our little town. Please contact me!

Thanks so much! =)

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