Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Girls Will Be Girls

Last week, for Judah's Birthday, I was able to see my three ladies ; ) It was a last minute (like the week of) decision. Hey, what if we met half way for a little girlfriend time while the kids play Judah's Birthday. ; )

We were real blessed to have such great kids and dads at the party because we seriously kept finding ourselves in little corners chatting all night. Well, and in almost every picture, Jenny is holding Emmyn. (Sorry Jenny, I guess some things never change. ; ) 

Finally Daniel says, "Hey, get together and I'll get a picture of you girls."

Then we started doing the, "Oh, let's fluff our hair and make it all look natural thing" as ladies do ; )

 I think the hair fluffing turned out well.

Judi, Myself, Ginny, Jenny

*sigh*  I love these ladies. 

Maybe soon I'll post pictures of the actual birthday boy ; ) 


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  1. OH, you're right, the hair fluffing was a success! So thankful for the great party, the sweet fellowship and the DARLING er, I mean, super-duper COOL Birthday Boy :)

    Oh, and, you know when you're BLOGGING, you can just put "Jenny" or "Ginny" without last initials, since the difference is pretty obvious when you're reading it! ;) *giggle* Love ya.

  2. Oh, Ginny that is the editor side of you coming out! Save those skills for the book my friend ; ) (you totally know I'm going to go in and change it) HA! Hope you are well, see you Wed!


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