Friday, February 11, 2011

Meet Chickie.

Remember the chicken and noodles the kids and I made?

Well, meet "Chickie"

She graciously gave up her cluckin' life for our yummy meal. To her we are forever thankful.

You see, around here at the Gibson home, we name each bird. It all started with, "Dude Sam" many years ago. This one was "Chickie", the one before her was Louie Allcot ; we called him L.A. for short. The kids thought it was time for a girl.

When the chicken was done, we took off the meat and returned the bones to boil for the broth. While it boiled, we chopped carrots.

Sadly, I was out of celery. And when there is two feet of snow on the ground and you live on the tallest hill in town, you don't just gather up the gang and head out for celery. Besides, chances are they would have been out, like everything else.

Next, we strained the bones, and let the broth cool to remove the excess fat.

After cooled, we brought it to boil, added salt and parsley.

Then we added the carrots and chicken.

Last but not least, we added the noodles. You can use any noodles, homemade or dried from your local bulk herb store. Just add them to the broth after the carrots (and typically celery) are soft.

There it is;  in all it's beauty.

Oh, my. It was so good.

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