Thursday, January 7, 2010

20 Questions

Meal time is a special time in our little home. I don't remember many meals growing up, other than Thanksgiving and Christmas. I am not sure why, I just don't. I do know they were nothing special. It was just my mom and I and I'm sure we were eating on TV trays in front of the television. Now, I'm not saying that is wrong, everyone is different, I'm just saying it was usually lonely.

I am blessed and honored to eat three meals a day with my family. Daniel is usually here for breakfast unless he has a meeting and sometimes he even gets to come home for lunch so there are days when he is here for all three meals, that is extra special.

A few nights ago we stumbled on to a game of 20 questions during dinner. We played it for an hour. Even Judah sat at the table just laughing and having a great time. Now it has become a dinner time tradition. The kids come up with such random things. I thought it would be a fun thing to always post a simple "20 Questions" post of who we did that night.

The ones with a * beside them are the ones we guessed correct after 20 Q. If there is no star, we didn't guess correct.

First Night:
* President Obama -Me
Bible Man- Daniel (We couldn't guess this one, the kids didn't even know who he was)
* Danielle Jacobs- Jordan (She is a cousin who is expecting)
Lola- Alli (A cartoon character)
The Man from the Hotel- Me (there was a very nice man at our hotel over the holidays, nobody guessed this one)
Ok, rule change.... we all have to know the person

Second Night:
*Grant Agler- Daniel (Family Friend)
* Keith Webb- Alli (Church, Elder)
* Daniel Sanders- Jordan (Church, Worship Minister)
* Tony Allmoslecher- Alli (Family Friend)
* Casey Ledl- Me (Church, Head Basketball Coach Jr. High)

Third Night:
* New Little Emelia Patterson- Me
* Jordan Gibson- Daniel

Me- Alli (I didn't guess it)
* Amanda Sanders- Jordan (She is our worship ministers wife)
* Rick Thiessen- Alli (Church, youth parent, Alli's hopeful father-in-law ;)
Michael Jordan- Me

I get to start the game off next time =) I'll do a 20 Question post that night, it might be you!

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  1. I'm so glad that no one knew who Bible Man was.


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