Saturday, June 20, 2009

Third Times A Charm

Many of you have made mention of our little chickens and offered wonderful advice, thanks!

Here are the newest members of the Gibson homestead. They arrived a couple of weeks ago, after the dog ate the others.

Their names are: Duckie, Goldie and Chestnut. Who knows who is who... other than Alli =)

Here is what happened to the others:

We left to go into town for the day. On the way home Daniel said, "Hey, did anyone put up the chickens?" "Oh, we forgot" I replied.

When we pulled up to the yard we saw two of them on the side of the house and Daniel said, "Well, they must be fine... there's two of them right there." So I headed inside to put away packages from town. All of a sudden, I heard some ruckus in the back yard. Sure enough, there was a LITTLE dog outside chasing down the chickens. I ran outside yelling for Daniel passing the grave yard of dead chickens. =(

It was a bad night. You should have heard us girls, crying like little babies. We would never make it on a REAL farm. =) The dog had ate one big one, which was free grazing and two little ones who were in their little pen, he dug under. That was the saddest part, I think. He also wounded one, she is still limping. She is however, eating again and walking with the rest of the chickens. Now to top it all off, we had left the basement door open on accident (I don't know what we were thinking leaving without doing anything) BUT that little dog chased two of the chickens into the house. We found one under the sofa and another in the girls' room. Feathers EVERYWHERE. What a crazy thing.

Daniel has since finished off the fence keeping the little dogs (and big dogs) out. We never had problems with dogs roaming around until we got chickens. We never even noticed any loose dogs. This little dog was from two houses down, he had escaped through the garage. His owners are who bought the new chicks. The first chicken to bite the dust was because of some big dog running around the neighborhood. He had a collar but Daniel couldn't catch him.

We're hoping Third Times A Charm.


My big girl Alli, ever so gentle.

Look at her little hands. I love that.

See, Mom?

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