Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oh, How Petty My Life Is.

I am always blown away at the grace of our Father. The grace he shows us.

We spent the past week in Nebraska and had a wonderful time. Relaxed, visited with family and made wonderful memories. We cherished each moment as a little family before the insane summer starts for Daniel. It will start for him today, with a "memorize the books of the Bible pie challenge" a lock in, a canoeing trip on Saturday then Jr. High camp the following week, then the Firework Tent starts and goes for three weeks. After that it's a Sr. High eight day wilderness trip; not to mention all of the ends and outs woven in-between everything.

And then I am gently reminded, yet again, of what it means to be a Christ follower.

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I am moved to tears by my lack of being the hands and feet of Jesus.

Memorize the Books of the Bible Challenge? My life is so petty.

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  1. Looking for posts about God's grace, I discovered yours. Hope you had a great time with your family in Nebraska. Part of my family live in Omaha. You have a lovely family!


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