Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Sunday Morn.

Sundays are beautiful.

I don't know why they are so special in our home, they just are. It is a wonderful gift God has given us to avoid stressful Sundays. We all work very hard to keep the wonderful peace of the morning; the perfect peace that comes from the Prince of Peace. It is a special time together before we go to church later that morning to gather with other believers. I think this is especially special being married to someone who works in the church. I pray my children will never hate being a "preachers kid" as long as God has us in this roll.

This morning my Alli set the table for us. She has a special gift for details, I wonder where she gets that =)

Pancakes with fresh fruit, sweet conversations, of course a little bit of discipline of one of the children, and the blessing of love, joy, and peace. It was a wonderful Sunday Morn; a great way to start a day.



  1. Making memories that will last a lifetime. So precious.

  2. Kati:

    I pray that our Sunday mornings get to a point where they ARE NOT stressful! It is very difficult for me not to get upset with the boys because they just don't seem to have any sense of time.....I will begin to pray for peace, ecspecially on sunday mornings!!! Thank-you for your encouragement!!!


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