Friday, July 4, 2008

Memories Made...

It is so fun to know my kids will one day say " hey mom, remember this or remember that..." I was thinking about that today. Each day we have the opportunity to make lasting memories. Sometimes we get so caught up in the trap of entertainment away from home or vacations that we forget, life is a memory.

With that said... here are the memories we made for 4th of July 2008:

It was a busy, crazy, yet happy day. Daniel made many trips back and forth to the fireworks tent during the day and at one point we were all there helping because they were so short handed. Little Judah was doing his part by being cute in his stroller, Jordan was tearing off the receipts and saying "have a happy time" to the customers and Alli was wearing her bright orange 'worker vest' going around picking up trash and making the fireworks look nice by facing, stuff like that. Eventually Judah gave up on being cute and decided he was hot and ready to go home. So I took he and Jordan home for a nap around 4pm because I knew we would be up late. Alli stayed and worked until 7:30. She is such a big girl!

7:30 is when I went back to pick up Daniel and Alli to head over to the Shepards property to play, eat, and shoot off explosives. A fun time was had by all. Thanks to them for inviting us!

I took a ton more pictures but they all turned out real bad. :-( sorry Teri! So much for a camera with a "special firework setting..." what's up with that! Well, maybe I should read the book. he,he.

After we left there at 10:30 we headed back up to the tent. I dropped Daniel off and headed home with the kids to unpack the van and put them to sleepy town :-) Daniel got home some time late that night.

All in all it was a fun little day.

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