Wednesday, September 19, 2012

every now and then we do this little thing called school {homeschool links included}

shhh, don't tell anyone =)

States and Capitals? We've got those covered -- right here: THE BEST STATES AND CAPITALS WEBSITE--on earth.

We learn to type for free here: TYPING GOODNESS-- love!
OR here if we're a bit younger: CUTIE PIE TYPING PRACTICE-- makes my littles smile =)

If we are struggling with math, we have our own free little tutor here: TEACH ME MATH because my mom is totally clueless right now.

This site always gives us a giggle, especially when dealing with poopie ( i couldn't help it) =) BODY GOODNESS--including poopie

During lunch, sometimes we enjoy a bit of and audio Adventure: OUR OWN LITTLE ADVENTURE IN A BOTTLE--learning through lessons.

Multiplication is made fun here: SHHHH- your kids won't realize they're learning.

ANY math page we need, we print here: FREE, FREE, FREE- did I say free?  (choose your topic from the blue and white tabs at the top then scroll down towards the bottom to see all the options--bypass the colored "grade" tabs, they're a waste of time-- in my opinion.) 

We safely compete with children all over the world in all subjects here: CAREFUL, IT'S ADDICTING-- the timers ticking!

How blessed are us with all these great tools! It is very helpful to have things at the click of the button. However, I have to admit-- it's the time together I love the best ; )

Perhaps just being together-- we all learn a little more than we think ; )

Loves this Wednesday!


  1. I loved all the free links and all the family pics of together time! Made me realize I need to take more pics of our school together time.

  2. Awesome links and great photos! What a great way to celebrate life and make fun memories together ;-)



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