Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How do you go before the throne of that great big God of ours? {a conversation}

We've done it a million different ways, you have too.

don't make it complicated, just get the points down, let your words do the rest.

I remember when praying was a new thing to us. We had to be told we could do it anywhere, even when we're just driving to and from work. When we found out it didn't have to be done knelt down beside a bed or right before dinner, we were shocked.

What? I remember thinking...This Jesus fellow just wants me to talk with him like a normal 'ol guy? Any time at all?


It's funny thinking back to when it use to hang in our shower-- protected in a clear page cover, our list. The list Daniel and I would use, reminding us to pray for those we loved, needed to love, or had given our word to, "We'll be praying for you."

Those were busy college days. Daniel gone before sun up and me off to work by 7:30, shuffling kids out the door to school or daycare. The shower got undivided attention from both of us. It worked. While we showered, we prayed.

Now, life is a little more structured-- at times. Oh, there are times a quick reminder goes on the white board or even a text message, but usually we try to do it together. First thing, before the chaos, we sit and focus.
it's fun to save your lists and see your growth and how God has answered your prayers

from my man: modern technology -- encouragement at the touch of a button

why every home should have a white board

There are chickens crowing, hungry littles and a thirsty garden. There are chiming emails, phone messages and to do lists. There are history books, math pages, and field trips to plan. There are bills to be paid, laundry to be folded, and errands to run. There are people to love, food to cook, events to plan, and studies to prepare-- but first things first...

the heart.

The idea behind spending time talking with God isn't how we do it. It's that we do it.

For now, it works. It will change as our lives change. What works for you? We're bringing the comment box out from hiding on this one. I'd love to hear your advise! What works for you? At your desk with your coffee first thing? Before bed as you drift off to sleep? Perhaps you have an application on your phone to remind you?  Do you do it together with your family, spouse, or alone?

How do you go before the throne of that great big God of ours?

Can't wait!


  1. We put our prayers in a jar and get them out every weekend and read them as a family. The kids love it!

  2. My husband and I keep a journal; we write needs in it and pray about them throughout the day.

  3. Kati,

    This is something we need to get back to doing. I don't know why but it's AlWaYs the first thing forgotten... thanks for the reminder!

  4. oh, i love the simplicity! thanks so much for all the little ideas!

  5. Kati, my name is on your list, i love you.


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