Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fellowship With Daughters-- one of the best things I do with my girls

Remember when you were young and passed notes to your best girlfriends?

I do that with my girls. =)

Those girls of mine, both so very different, need the same love-- In different ways, yes. But love none the less.

I've kept an ongoing journal with my Alli for about a year now, we talk about girly stuff, daily stuff, questions, problems, and cool God stuff.

Last week, my little Jordi Pie started her journal.

It's a place where we can be total cheese heads, encourage each other, love each other with our words, and it's all right there, in the book-- a book we can keep forever.

{ ok, ok, and it helps with handwriting practice ; ) }

Simple, joyful, love!

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