Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rainy Day Fun

We've had a rainy week here friends. Tomorrow, "they say", is the first true day of no rain and guaranteed outside (dry) play. By the fourth day of being inside in the rain, I had to get my crafty jeans on. Really I wore a dress all day, but still it was a crafty one ; )

The girls made a village out of masking tape on their bedroom floor and played with their little play doh buddies all afternoon. They had a market, a bank, a post office, a hotel, and even a hospital. The play doh buddies went in the tub with the littles tonight and are tucked in tight with all the kids in their beds. Yes, even my almost 11 year old. 

*sigh* they are so cute.

Hope you had as fun of a day as we had! 

Play Doh buddies: Balloon, stuffed with play doh, tie a knot, let them draw a face. 


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