Friday, March 16, 2012

I Have a Secret For You...

There's this little thing we do,

and it's kind of a secret ; )

It all starts around the table where we gather most. Sometimes it's over piles of pancakes before the day begins; other times it's after a day full of hard work over heaping mashed potatoes. Here at the g.tribe home, we like to refer to it as, Secret Servant.

We all get to pick someone to serve, but it's all a big, fun secret. 

Daddy writes everyone's names on the back of a post it note and sticks them on the wall in the hallway. One by one, we leave the table, walk into the hall, and walk back with a sly smile on our face... Judah always has the biggest smile. =)

You dare not tell who you're serving and you try real hard to catch whose serving you throughout the week. Last week, Alli admits: 
"I like to serve everyone here and there,
making sure they see me;
just to throw them off."

At the end of the week, we gather again guessing who might have served us and then the truth comes out. 




The little ones usually always put away shoes from the front door. If your shoes have mysteriously found themselves into your closet, you probably have Judah or Jordan. If your laundry was washed and put away, or the house vacuumed for no reason, you probably have Alli or Angus. If the kids were put to bed and you got to read a book, you probably have Daddy. ; ) 

They're looking for ways to serve.'s.working. 

So, I breathe deep and smile little sly smiles when I come out of the hallway each week.

...OK, and I do a little happy dance, too... he, he. 


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