Monday, May 23, 2011

This Place Was Once Home

Please just pray, pray, pray for the sweet people of Joplin, MO.

Joplin has a very special place in our hearts, having moved from OK to Joplin for Daniel to attend Ozark Christian College in 2004.

Now, the Wal-Mart we bought our little Jordi's diapers at and the hardware store we shopped at is completely gone. The Memorial Hall where Alli and Daniel attended Father Daughter Date Night each year for Valentines Day, is now being used as a hospital. 

My sweet friend, Ginny knows several people who have lost everything. Other friends of ours have loved ones in hospitals all over the area. 

I was working in my garden, watching the children play in the water hose, taking a break to play in the sandbox with my little Emmyn, totally unaware of such pain and suffering taking place. Oh friends, how unaware we are of so much in the world. 

God is so big, so good, may he hold and comfort the afflicted. May those confused, weak, weary, and tired, lean on Him.

Please pray.

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