Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Um... Mom"

I never read the paper as a kid. Who cared about current affairs or things in the community. In fact, the paper didn't even come to our home. 

However, being a very mature and brilliant mother myself... (he, he) =) I think it's important to create fun ways to encourage our children in current affairs or community happenings. 

So, about a year ago I started having our oldest, Alli, read the paper. Yeah, she pretty much hated it. I know, I know, your kids just love reading the paper, just like they love doing laundry =)

Well, mine didn't like reading it. She thought it was the most boooooooring thing ever. "Mom, this paper is talking about garage sales in the community, I don't care about that." Well, that was her fault. She just chose the wrong article to read. It didn't matter, I still made her read the paper every week and of course, now she loves it = ) Which is great because my younger ones are jealous and can't wait until they start their own "Newspaper Journal". You see, it's all about the psychology. ; )

Here is how it works:
The paper comes, Daniel and I read it. Then we put it into the paper holder inside her Newspaper Journal. She then has a week to find any article she'd like to write about.

Well, for any of you who know my Alli girl, she is quite the type "A". She likes things to be just right and done in order. So, since I am a total slacker mom and liked our fist Spring Break so much and  ended up taking a second one... her papers stacked up. 

Sitting at the kitchen table in her cute little robe, looking all big. She quietly, confused like, says to me, "Ummmmmm.... Mom.." Is it normal for people to ask for a wife through the newspaper?


OK, So, I couldn't contain myself. 

A. I couldn't beleive she had spotted that little ad. 

B. I loved her sweet, total confusion, in looking for someone by way of the WANT ADS. Totally normal to some, I know. However, not to my simple minded nine year old. 

After my outburst and then telling her to "freeze I HAVE to take a picture..." She tells me, in a very shy voice, almost feeling bad about laughing...

"Oh, my." "Well, I only read it because I thought, at first, the Police were looking for someone; then I noticed it was someone looking for a wife." 


Yep, she cut that baby out and wrote about it.

I just love it, love it, love it!

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