Saturday, February 20, 2010

Oh, Now I Remember

It's so funny, number four.

I remember with Alli... if something dropped, we washed it. If her hair got messed up, we fixed it. If she got dirty while we were at the park, we would stop by the house before going to get groceries to change her clothes; maybe even give her a bath.

Those were the days...

I was thinking the other day; "Hmmm, I don't remember the last time I boiled Emmyn's binki's." You know, for sanitary reasons and all. "In fact," I thought, "I don't know if I ever have. I should do that."

So I go around the house, like a good little mommy picking up all the binki's. I put them into the pan and set them on the heat.

About 30 minutes later the kids say; "Mom, what is that smell?"

Ummm, Yep, it was the binki's. Now I remember why I don't boil binki's anymore, it's because I have 4 children, not one ; )

And you know what? I LOVE it! You just never know when you're making a memory.

Now, when we smell something kind of funny, the kids will say; "Hey, that smells like the binki's!"

He, he! Even Judah.

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  1. HA! It's like the time you set the cookie on fire in the over.

  2. P R I C E L E S S!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh my! This is hilarious! Glad you took pictures to remember the "binkie incident."

  4. I don't know you. I only accidentally clicked 'next blog' and saw the picture of your binkies. I laughed SO HARD! I love it. So, whoever you are - thanks for adding a fun moment to my day.


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