Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'll Never Wear A MOBY Wrap!

Meet the most anticipated addition to the Gibson home, outside of our new little one to come soon, of course =)

The Moby Wrap.

I have been so excited about the possible purchase of this handy dandy thing. I am hoping this 18 foot piece of material will provide me with much snuggle time with our new little one and hands free caring for my other children.

I'll keep you posted. =)

BUT, meanwhile on another note... Daniel thought this wrap was super cool and encouraged me to get one but said "I WILL NEVER WEAR THAT THING, IT'S FOR GIRLS."

Well, Mr. Gibson just had to see if it REALLY could support the weight of our 2 1/2 year old. So thus, went on the wrap.

And he totally enjoyed it! =)

Good thing I bought a green one. I must know my man.

And I tell ya what, I love him to the very last drop.

Both those men of mine =)

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  1. The Moby Wrap is my favorite baby carrier for younger babies, but you showed it works great for toddlers too! Way to go.


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