Monday, June 16, 2008

Our Favorite Man... King Daddy

Well, I just know you are dying to know what we did for Father's Day right...ha! I think I get way too much of a kick out of this blogging thing. I love reading over our days.

Anyway, better late than never.

King Daddy, He is just a man, I know...but he is our favorite daddy, that's for sure :-)

For that one special Sunday a year we try to make it all about him. But this year I thought "hmmm, I never treat Daniel for a nice night on the town " (If and when we ever go on a date it usually ends up being "girly") So I thought I would take him out on a Daddy date this year and kick off fathers day on Saturday night. I hired a babysitter, and didn't tell him anything about it. Which was real funny because when she came to the door he was like "hello, can I help you" (she was a new girl, so he didn't know her.) Anyway, we had already ate dinner because I didn't want him to know anything was up, and I just wanted to save money... he, he :-) so we went for chips and salsa at a Mexican restaurant we both like and then went to the chepo movies and saw 10,000 BC, a total man movie. Let me rephrase that... a total Daniel movie.

(that paragraph is so full of grammatical errors! sorry, but I am not going to fix that tonight.)

Anyway, on to the actual Father's Day...
Daniel usually leaves before us on Sunday morning so he can get to the church early. So we woke up early and made Daddy breakfast; nothing special just an egg, sausage and cheese skillet but it is one of his favorite simple meals. Actually, now that I think about it, we eat breakfast together every morning, except when Daniel has a meeting, but not every morning comes complete with presents :-) So anyway, Alli cooked the sausage, I cooked the eggs and Jordan got out the fruit.

Of course, being the dork that I am... I took pictures.

We ate breakfast, Daddy opened his gifts, read his cards, then we cleaned up and finished getting ready for church. Dan left at around 8:00.

We had a meeting right after church so we packed a pb&j lunch for the kids to eat while we sat in the "sanctuary" and had the meeting. After the meeting we came home and everyone rested. That night Daddy grilled; seems unfair I know but he got to use the new grill toys he got for Father's Day.

And again, being the dork that I am... I took pictures :-)

Yummy grilled chicken, corn, and roasted potatoes.

One special thing that Daniel wanted was banana pudding. So I called my MIL and found out how she made the good 'ol banana pudding that Dan had as a kid. She kindly gave me the recipe and it turned out great!

another picture :-)

And this is what it looked like at my feet while I took the picture. I will have to post about this on a different day. But yes, this is the typical life right now... Judah is very clingy lately.

We ended the night watching the NBA Finals of course! I am not typically a basketball fan (or any sports for that matter) but the playoffs I enjoy. That is one of my favorite pastimes with Daniel. The playoffs and March madness are the only times that he watches b-ball so I sit and enjoy it with him the best I can.

That's it for this year. Usually we have watermelon outside and play in the water. But this year we had a real bad hail storm, so no outdoor fun for us :-(

I am so blessed that our children have such a wonderful dad to spend father's day with and I am blessed to have such a great husband. I never would have thought our days would be so happy together; they weren't always that way. I am so thankful our life on the outside of these walls is the same on the inside; it wasn't always like that either. God is good. Yes, he is so Good.

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