Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Great Man.

You might remember my time off from the beauty of technology...

Well, since I picked it back up, my email inbox has been in overload mode. I THINK I'm ALMOST up to date. =)

This morning, I took some time to do some heavy duty deleting. While searching for emails to delete I ran across this loving note from my sweetie dated Jan 14, 2009.


I wanted to send you an email saying thank you for all of your devotion to furthering our family in growing in all different areas of life. You make sure we grow physically with food, you make sure our kids grow mentally with education and learning, you make sure I grow as a man by letting me go and be a friend with other men, you make sure the house grows in it’s beauty, you make sure to take care of your body so the new nino grows as best as you can help it, you make sure that our family grows in its joy of life with each other by planning fun things for us to do. I love your growth in having a positive attitude. I pray right now that God would grow you in your desire to be like Him. May you be filled with joy and love the rest of your days for your devotion to be a Godly wife. I couldn’t have asked for more than what you have poured out in our last few years of marriage. May we grow closer together and may we love like no other married couple has before. I love you MY BRIDE!


Ok, I am totally crying... again. He is a Great Man.

You have one too, I am sure. Love on him today.


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