Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Season of Change

Lent is the forty day liturgical season of fasting and prayer before Easter. The forty days represent the time Jesus spent in the desert.

Lent begins every year on Ash Wednesday. It's the 40th day before Easter Sunday (not counting Sundays because they aren't counted as part of the "season" in lent). There are actually about 46 days from Ash Wednesday to Easter, but who's counting? There are 46 days because the six Sundays don't count.

For the next forty-six days I will be going without online computer and sweets. Absolutely no emails, facebook, blogging, so on and so on; and no un-natural sweets.

Lent is typically looked on as a Catholic thing due to its origin but can be used in many different ways. For me, it is an opportunity to go without something so needless. So needless yet, made such a priority in my life.

We often need a good time away from something before we figure out how much it drives us, how much it consumes us. Do you remember my no computer day on Jordan's birthday? Well, that showed me how much the computer drives me. Blogging, searching the web, Facebook, and emails can all be good and useful, especially for encouraging others. BUT it can also be a time waster and an all consuming thing. Could you go a day with out the internet? Would it drive you crazy wondering who was trying to get a hold of you, like it did me? Would you go nuts wondering what news you were missing out on? Well, the only thing we should not be able to go without is, God.

As far as sweets go, sweets are one of my very favorite things, especially when pregnant. And since I spent all of last year re-training myself on making healthy choices, cooking with more natural ingredients, and becoming a healthier person, I am able to really notice the recent pick up in craving the sweet stuff which is not good for myself, my family and our new little blessing on the way. =)

In place of time spent on the computer I will be doing a couple of things. First, I will be spending a lot more time talking with God. Talking with God, isn't that just a lovely phrase? Second, I am going to be studying the life of Christ leading up to his death and resurrection in depth. I am wanting to spend time really thanking him for his sacrifice, seek out wisdom on how to become a better 1 John 2:6 kind of person and the best way to listen and learn is when to be... quiet.

So, I hope to return from this season with a new understanding of how to be a good manager of the time God has given me, be a woman of prayer, and more aware of the good food that nourishes my body.

See you in 46 days!

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